ArcheToys (Magis, collection Fuoritema)

What began as a search for a balance between play and work grew into a serious design project.
ArcheToys is a collection of model vehicles composed of simple, industrially manufactured steel sections.

During the design process the role of form and colour unravel until they become underlying benchmarks of universal recognition.
Vehicle groups are reduced to archetypes, almost graphic impressions of the originals. Not replicated from a photo, but drawn from memory.
A freedom of interpretation that ultimately gives the designs their endearing individuality.
This is how icons originate, appealing to our collective memory: a fire engine, tractor, double decker.

The models have a naive character, but at the same time have a sense of power.
They encourage themselves to be read as cartoons evoking emotions: a smile of recognition, longing for the past.
They appeal to children as well as adults, for whom ArcheToys have become collector’s items.

The series is comprised of more than 60 models of which 35 are in production.
They are gradually being supplemented by iconic buildings: a gas station, farm, concrete mixing plant.
In 2013 ArcheToys were taken under license by the Italian firm, Magis who produce these products by hand.


The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam are the first to include ArcheToys in their permanent collection.

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