Dutch Design Week

exposition - Eindhoven

to compose

Arrange, careful use of color and the search for an almost childlike simplicity of form will be covered during the exhibition of the designs of Floris Hovers. Composing spatial moments is the key word.

You are invited to enter his world in which he almost created total simplicity. As an observer you will find plenty of room for your own imagination.


Steentjeskerk opens doors to Floris Hovers, Label van den Berg, Ecco Leather and DutchDeco

On a unique, historical location in the center of Eindhoven, three equally unique brands present themselves during this year’s Dutch Design Week.

The ECCO Leather creative team is highly active in the Dutch design community, supporting students as well as emerging and accomplished designers in the Netherlands. For DDW, the ECCO Leather design team has created the installation ‘Witness Change’, a celebration of innovative techniques of dying expressed in 3 distinct variations.

‘Industrially Handmade’ features an overview of products by acclaimed designer Floris Hovers. His designs are surprising because of their disarming simplicity and betray a somewhat naive, playful approach.

You are cordially invited to come and join us during the Dutch Design Week 2015.

Steentjeskerk, Sint Antoniusstraat 5-7, Eindhoven


Dutch design week

18 - 26 oktober 2014 - Eindhoven

During DDW Floris Hovers showing new and recent works that are both free work as commands emerged and which have always a moment of recognition.

The exhibition is featured in YKSI shop and Expo and is open every day from 11.00 to 19.00 hours

The Bottleboats, the Stoklamp, Plankfurniture, Fixed chair and the now iconic series, ArcheToys.
The designs of Floris Hovers – furniture, lighting and models – are surprising in their disarming simplicity.
Not abstract minimalism, but the end result of a prolonged process of reduction.
What remains is the essence – an almost cartoon-like composition of form, construction and colour. Achieved in an interplay between man and machine.
Many of his products betray a somewhat naïve, playful approach.

Biennale Kortrijk 2014

17 - 26 october - Belgium

During the Biennale Kortrijk 2014 LABEL van den Berg will present their novelties.
Last year, Floris Hovers together with Jasper van den Berg incorporated new colors and color combinations in the collection. 
The result is a bright and fresh look at existing and newly designed furniture.

The design of the display stand is designed by Floris Hovers.

You are cordially invited to visit the presentation of LABEL

Kortrijk, 17 t / m 26 October, the colorful novelties Of LABEL!
LABEL can be found in Hall 2 stand number 203